Phoenix Residence: My sister is now on the Board of Directors!

My younger sister lives in a group home operated by Phoenix Residences. The staff do an awesome job in a challenging financial situation. My older sister** was recently elected to the Phoenix Board of Directors. I think her analytic and communication skills, along with her compassion, will be a great addition. Congrats Sis!

** Special Note: she is indeed my older sister as she is the older of my two sisters. She is, however, definitely younger than me. And hates this joke.

Phoenix Residence, Inc. is committed to developing person-centered, quality living experiences for individuals with disabilities.






2 responses to “Phoenix Residence: My sister is now on the Board of Directors!”

  1. sandraburrowes

    This is an opportunity I’m excited about. As you mentioned, Phoenix does excellent work. They provide care with great compassion in a challenging funding and hiring environment.

    I look forward to being an advocate for the people they care for but also for the organization itself.

    Thanks for the shout out, bro! You’re pretty awesome yourself.

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