One thought on “Spring Training starts

  1. John, so much to say about this very brief post. First, Bill Veeck was an amazing man who tried to drag Major League Baseball forward in many ways, including by employing African American players on his minor league teams. His autobiography, Veeck As In Wreck is a fabulous read. (You probably know that his son, Mike, is a co-owner of the current Saint Paul Saints.)

    Now, to the subject of Mr. Veeck’s comment. For decades I have used Spring Training (the day that pitchers and catchers report to camp) as one of several milestones of warmer days. Other important landmarks for me are: Winter Solstice, the day daylight in the northern hemisphere reaches its lowest level; January 1st, for obvious reasons; opening of Spring Training; first spring training game; and the Vernal Equinox i.e. spring!


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