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  • Starting Requires Continuing

    Starting Requires Continuing

    It is easier to start something than to maintain, or continue, that something.

  • Amazon Books Make on Demand Virtual Tour

    This is impressive. A 9 minute tour of one of the Amazon MOD (make on demand) sites. It is all about books, so I presume the “make” refers to future. Imagine a 3D print shop at this scale. Everything is barcoded and you can see that each book is different coming down the line.

  • Stock market was up/down on news of [insert nonsense]

    I believe that TV and radio news use this stock market headline generator today.

  • Fake Meat: White Castle Review

    I am very interested in all the work going on in the “fake meat” area. Impossible and Beyond are both running full speed with the newest generation of vegetarian meats. To be clear, I am not a vegetarian. I love meat and do not intend to give it up. But I really hope that they […]

  • Square Root Of Change

    Back in the early 1990s, I was working in IT at a multi-billion dollar manufacturing company. Ours was a small part of IT, separate from the mother ship. Responsible for about 2000 employees in our area, we had implemented several large projects over a two-year span; all bringing changes to the employees. I was a […]

  • How Much Football Is Even In A Football Broadcast? | FiveThirtyEight

    The numbers are startling. An average NFL broadcast lasts well over three hours, yet it delivers a total of only 18 minutes of football action. How Much Football Is Even In A Football Broadcast? | FiveThirtyEight But somehow, viewers feel they are getting value from the broadcast. There are lessons in here in attention, the need […]

  • The Fake Image/Video Arms Race Continues

    It is not always easy to tell the difference between real and fake photographs. But the pressure to get it right has never been more urgent as the amount of false political content online continues to rise. On Tuesday, Jigsaw, a company that develops cutting-edge tech and is owned by Google’s parent, unveiled a free […]

  • Ghosting job applicants

    An acquaintance of mine, who wants to stay anonymous for obvious reasons, provided me the data for the above chart. The data came from their last job hunting experience. While a successful job search — after all, they got offers — there is something very disturbing that I would like to point out.

  • In Defense of the Bandwagon

    This time of year, American football gets a lot of attention in the US media. And in offices, bars, and coffee shops. I am a sports fan for reasons that are outside the scope of this post. I am also a fan of the bandwagon (pun intended). If a team isn’t winning, why should I […]

  • Chew on this: Inside Scotland’s traditional sweetie factory – BBC News

    The Golden Casket factory in Greenock produces thousands of tonnes of confectionery each year. Managing director Crawford Rae gave the BBC a behind the scenes look at the production line, where sweets such as toffees, sour plooms and humbugs are manufactured for sweet-toothed customers around world. Chew on this: Inside Scotland’s traditional sweetie factory – […]

  • How Dollar General Took Over Rural America

    As the chain opens stores at the rate of three a day across the U.S., often in the heart of ‘food deserts’, some see Dollar General as an admission that a town is failing. How Dollar General Took Over Rural America This is an interesting take on the dollar store craze. We have one (don’t […]

  • Medical Product Outsourcing – An article I wrote back in 2005

    This article was published back in the June 2005 edition of Medical Product Outsourcing magazine. As the article title says, it covers how a company’s IT infrastructure can help with its medical device design process.

  • The company I work for…

    Video is just under 3 minutes long and gives an overview of the company I work for. Putting it here to verify we have published it correctly for embedding. [vimeo 356175577] Minco Products has been around for over 60 years, building quality Heaters, Sensors, Instruments, and Flex Circuits for applications too important to fail.

  • Inbox: friend or foe

    If your job doesn’t fundamentally depend on your email*, then ask yourself if you control your email or if email controls you. Our Email Is A Monster (Oatmeal). Some ideas to consider: No matter how focused you are, when that little window flashes up in the corner of your screen or your phone beeps, you […]

  • Marginal Revolution: Is the generalist returning?

    This Marginal Revolution article, based off the article “At Work, Expertise Is Falling Out of Favor” from The Atlantic, brings up a good point about specialization and generalizing: our current economy may be diverging from the standard theory that bigger and more complex economies and industries require more specialists. Or in other words, you may […]