Chew on this: Inside Scotland’s traditional sweetie factory – BBC News

The Golden Casket factory in Greenock produces thousands of tonnes of confectionery each year. Managing director Crawford Rae gave the BBC a behind the scenes look at the production line, where sweets such as toffees, sour plooms and humbugs are manufactured for sweet-toothed customers around world.

Chew on this: Inside Scotland’s traditional sweetie factory – BBC News

This seems like an appropriate link for Halloween. Even though we don’t have these candies on this side of the Atlantic, it is always fun to see this much chocolate or sugar in one place at one time. The video is less than 2 minutes long.

How Dollar General Took Over Rural America

As the chain opens stores at the rate of three a day across the U.S., often in the heart of ‘food deserts’, some see Dollar General as an admission that a town is failing.

How Dollar General Took Over Rural America

This is an interesting take on the dollar store craze. We have one (don’t think it is a Dollar General, maybe a Dollar Tree?) by us here in St. Paul, but the economics are probably very different than in the above story. The article covers two small towns that made different decisions on allowing the store. The first town made some financial bets that didn’t pay off and the second one didn’t want to make the same mistake.

The company I work for…

Video is just under 3 minutes long and gives an overview of the company I work for. Putting it here to verify we have published it correctly for embedding.

Minco Products has been around for over 60 years, building quality Heaters, Sensors, Instruments, and Flex Circuits for applications too important to fail.

Inbox: friend or foe

If your job doesn’t fundamentally depend on your email*, then ask yourself if you control your email or if email controls you. Our Email Is A Monster (Oatmeal). Some ideas to consider:

  1. No matter how focused you are, when that little window flashes up in the corner of your screen or your phone beeps, you have at best a micro-distraction that derails your thinking and at worst a full distraction. Turn off your email notifications and schedule time during the day to open email.
  2. Signal (high priority emails) to noise (low priority emails) in your inbox is a problem. Not all emails are equally worthy of your time. If conditional formatting (like in Outlook) is available, use it. Set a condition for when you are on the CC list. Read those last. Set a condition for when you are the only one on the TO: list. Set conditions for people that you need to respond to right away.

* Customer service type jobs and a few others do require constant vigilance of an inbox so the above suggestions don’t help you. Hopefully you have other techniques to make things more efficient.