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  • Home-made Marshmallows

    My sister makes marshmallows for Christmas. Toasted coconut for me. Other lesser flavors for other people. I eat them slowly throughout the year. Leave a bag of store bought marshmallows on your shelf unopened for a month and you can pound nails with them. Leave my sister’s marshmallows in the cellophane bag tied with a…

  • Built To Last (or How My Dad built something electronic that has lasted for 300,000 hours and still is running)

    My dad (John Bredesen Sr.) had a career where he, among other things, built radio and television stations. The technical stuff. Transmitters and studios and really tall antenna. Took me about 3/4 of the way up one of his towers…1200 ft…gave me some serious willies. And he climbed them. Voluntarily. With safety harness, but still.…

  • Another Dad/Cemetery article

    Article about the cemetery that my Dad has been involved with for years.

  • Eugene Masonic Cemetery (article quoting my dad, w/pic)

    Here is an article about a regular music event at the cemetery. Been doing this for a couple of years and it is popular with musicians and audiences.

  • Rainier – The Perfect Gentleman

    This post was written in January 2012 after Rainier died. See this post for his last day. Rainier, April 1999 – January 2012 Dear Family & Friends, It is with a sad heart that I tell you that Rainier passed away last night. The vet believes

  • Rainier – The Last Day

    The below was written after Rainier died. Not very coherent or complete. The whole event happened in one evening. See this post for more about Rainier. We were heading out of town for the weekend so we dropped off Rainier at some good friend’s house. They have a couple of dogs that Rainier likes playing…