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  • My book is on sale!

    Folks, I did a thing and it is now available for sale from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other fine bookstores. The I.T. Leader’s Handbook is a book for current and aspiring IT leaders. From the back cover: Is your IT department working harder than ever and still falling behind? Does the organization have unreasonable […]

  • One Person’s Experience

    Folks, the below email was forwarded to me from a friend of mine. It is an email sent by her son to their family. It is posted here with permission. I know the writer. One of the (several) sentences that is a gut punch for me is: “…fails to capture the everyday indignities that are […]

  • Childhood Books

    Amazon threw a recommendation at me the other day: The Little House. It got me thinking about other books from my childhood. I bought most of them when my kids came along and read them many times all over again. Some of them are still on the shelves down in the basement. In no particular […]

  • How I got hooked on Science Fiction

    My first science fiction reading was this book. Actually, this very book. My dad had it — I think he was taking a science fiction class at a university? If I am lucky, I actually asked permission to borrow the book and he said I could keep it. More like, I borrowed it to read […]

  • “from a C-Corp to a Public Benefit corporation” This is a good development. I don’t disagree* with the charter of C-Corp (increase shareholder value), after all, most of us benefit from that every day (phones, cars, healthcare, most things in our homes). However, having a mechanism for a different model is a very good thing. This is an article about how KickStarter […]

  • The Astonishing Story of the Federal Reserve on 9-11

    Long Read. Amazing recap of what happened to our financial systems on 9/11/2001. Or rather what didn’t happen: it didn’t break.