Scoregami: an amusing sport stat

Came across ‘Scorigami’ the other day. It is a ‘Scorigami!’ when a US Football game ends in a score that has never happened before. The web site gives the current state of them. It is fun to wander around a bit. There is also a baseball one at

There have been at least two Scorigamis this season. The Browns beat the Ravens 40-25 and Tampa Bay beat the Rams 55-40.

Perspective on the lottery — and even bigger numbers.

Large numbers are interesting. The following quote about a hedgehog sneezing is a good example. The article at the link uses that as a starting point and goes large. Really large. Makes the brain hurt a bit to try and grasp it and doesn’t really serve any useful purpose outside of math research…but it is an interesting read if you can make it through.

Photo by Anatoly Ivanov on Unsplash

A recent Mega Millions lottery had 1-in-175,711,536 odds of winning. To put those chances in perspective, that’s about the number of seconds in six years. So it’s like knowing a hedgehog will sneeze once and only once in the next six years and putting your hard-earned money down on one particular second—say, the 36th second of 2:52am on March 19th, 2017—and only winning if the one sneeze happens exactly at that second.

From 1,000,000 to Graham’s Number — Wait But Why

From a different article about big numbers — but much easier to understand big numbers, a humorous use of Sour-Patch Kids:

And in a night fraught with moments of self-loathing, carefully placing 50 eXtreme Sour Patch Kids on top of another 50 eXtreme Sour Patch Kids, alone at 2am, was the low point. Moving on—

What does A Quadrillion Sour Patch Kids Look Like?

Why aren’t all cocktails served in the same glass?

Did you know the current martini glass is much bigger than they were back in the “3 martini lunch” days? But then, even the small ones are at least a shot of booze, so that would still be ridiculous.

The PBS Ideas Channel talks to Brooklyn bar owner Ivy Mix about all the different kinds of glassware that cocktails are served in. The most interesting bits are about how factors other than taste influence how people enjoy drinks, as with wine. Men in particular seem to have a difficult time enjoying themselves with certain types of glassware and drink colors.

Why aren’t all cocktails served in the same glass?

Ultimate – An Excellent Sport (no parents! no refs!)

My son plays the sport called Ultimate. He got involved in college when he lost interest in soccer and baseball — his two high school sports. I had heard about it, but didn’t know a thing about the sport. It was some sort of game that involved a frisbee and was like soccer, basketball, and football.

Photo from Wikipedia: Adam Ginsburg Pictures from an Ultimate Tournament in Dallas

Naturally, I expressed interest in seeing one of his games. His response was clear: “No parents.”

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