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  • Spring Training starts

    The true harbinger of spring is not crocuses or swallows returning to Capistrano, but the sound of the bat on the ball. Bill Veeck

  • Word Of The Day: tsundoku

    Tsundoku: acquiring reading materials but letting them pile up in one’s home without reading them

  • Scrolling to The Deep Sea The above picture is one of the many things to learn at Neal Agarwal’s “The Deep Sea’ website. Scroll down from the surface and you will see creatures down to the very deepest part of the ocean. More people have been to the Moon than the Hadal Zone (6000m). Click on the ‘’ […]

  • Where is the Tesla that SpaceX sent into space?

    SpaceX launched a car into space on February 6, 2018. Some dismissed as a stupid rich guy thing. I enjoyed it immensely. SpaceX is doing remarkable work, with NASA’s help, in getting the space effort going again. Putting the Tesla Roadster, and a space dummy, on a trajectory towards Mars caught the public’s attention. If […]

  • The glass matters: A Guinness Story

    If you are not a fan of Stout beer, or staring at beer watching bubbles, this post is not for you. Feel free to move along, I won’t mind.

  • Scoregami: an amusing sport stat

    Came across ‘Scorigami’ the other day. It is a ‘Scorigami!’ when a US Football game ends in a score that has never happened before. The web site gives the current state of them. It is fun to wander around a bit. There is also a baseball one at There have been at least […]

  • Class Of 2023 Mindset

    This is a list of many things that have been true since the birth of those entering in college this year (thus the ‘Class of 2023’). This list used to be at the Beloit College website, but they moved it to a different place. The complete list is here: Here are a few highlights […]

  • Ford Pinto Wagon – my first car

    My folks owned a Ford Pinto wagon that eventually came to me. The story about how I got it and what happened to it are lost to my late teen/early 20s memory gaps. The picture in this post is the closest I could find. I don’t even remember what year the car was or what […]

  • Video: How They Make Aluminum Foil

    About 5 minutes long. From a big block of aluminum to 12.7 kilometers of aluminum foil by basically continually squeezing it until it is thin enough. And don’t tear it! Video by the “How It’s Made” show.

  • Perspective on the lottery — and even bigger numbers.

    Large numbers are interesting. The following quote about a hedgehog sneezing is a good example. The article at the link uses that as a starting point and goes large. Really large. Makes the brain hurt a bit to try and grasp it and doesn’t really serve any useful purpose outside of math research…but it is […]

  • Why aren’t all cocktails served in the same glass?

    Did you know the current martini glass is much bigger than they were back in the “3 martini lunch” days? But then, even the small ones are at least a shot of booze, so that would still be ridiculous. The PBS Ideas Channel talks to Brooklyn bar owner Ivy Mix about all the different kinds […]

  • Ultimate – An Excellent Sport (no parents! no refs!)

    My son plays the sport called Ultimate. He got involved in college when he lost interest in soccer and baseball — his two high school sports. I had heard about it, but didn’t know a thing about the sport. It was some sort of game that involved a frisbee and was like soccer, basketball, and […]

  • “the largest-ever double-blind egg-boiling-and-peeling experiment in the history of the universe”

    From the New York Times: With that in mind, for my first column on cooking and science for The New York Times, I decided to undertake my greatest egg-peeling experiment yet, and I have finally come up with some answers. Ninety-six volunteers came through my restaurant, Wursthall, in San Mateo, Calif., in August to peel […]

  • Up Close Video of Ball Point Pen

    I’ve never seen the details of how they work. You can see the rings on the ball where it scrapes the edges of the pen body and scrapes off the ink. Seeing the ink move from the ball to the paper is cool also.

  • Kottke: 25 Fun Facts About Food from Gastropod

    Kottke has another great find. Follow the link to find the following phrases: “…nuns used to get high on…” “… comes from the Nahuatl word for testicle.” “… 90-million-year evolutionary arms race against caterpillars.”