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  • Cokie Roberts – back when journalism was more interested in thinking than yelling.

    I watched a fair amount of ABC Sunday morning in the 1990s with Cokie Roberts (seen here in an ABC picture interviewing President Bush with George and Sam). This was back in the day when these shows were more interested in exploring the issues than yelling about the other side being wrong. Cokie Roberts was […]

  • Shots like this are appealing to me. Can’t really say why, they just are. So, here, enjoy a cool pattern pic. Or not, you know, that’s your call.

  • A software developer and a software tester walk into a bar…

    A software developer and a software tester walk into their newly opened bar. The tester orders a beer. Orders 0 beers. Orders 99999999999 beers. Orders a lizard. Orders -1 beers. Orders a ueicbksjdhd. The developer says, “See? It all worked. I told you everything was fine.” First real customer walks in and asks where the […]

  • Recommended Blog: St. Paul By Bike

    Recommended Blog: St. Paul By Bike

    This blog, St. Paul By Bike, gives a nice overview of St. Paul. The author (Wolfie Browender) is riding all over St. Paul on his bicycle and writing about what he finds. Good stuff.

  • Mother Nature is Weird… Kalutas

    Male Kalutas, a small mammal, dies shortly after mating. Article might be behind a paywall. One to two months before the onset of the mating season, male kalutas stop producing sperm and start producing large amounts of testosterone and corticosteroids. Although this influx of hormones drives them to mate, it also suppresses their immune system […]

  • What is yet to pass…

    Nothing like a graphical representation of every day of your life to put things in perspective… It turns out that when I graduated from high school, I had already used up 93% of my in-person parent time. I’m now enjoying the last 5% of that time. We’re in the tail end. It’s a similar story […]

  • Robots in Space

    “Sure, where’s my jetpack and flying car and all that, but the fact that humanity has more than two dozen robots currently exploring the solar system seems pretty futuristic to me.“ While we need to get people out into space, robots need to lead the way. Much cheaper, obviously safer, and will tell us […]

  • 50 years since Moon Landing

    Ignoring the crass commercialism (hey, it’s Oreos), it is strange to think that it has been 50 years since the moon landing. I watched it in a black and white TV and space travel has interested me ever since. Yes, I think we should go back.

  • Home-made Marshmallows

    My sister makes marshmallows for Christmas. Toasted coconut for me. Other lesser flavors for other people. I eat them slowly throughout the year. Leave a bag of store bought marshmallows on your shelf unopened for a month and you can pound nails with them. Leave my sister’s marshmallows in the cellophane bag tied with a […]

  • Health warning: social rejection doesn’t only hurt – it kills | Aeon Essays

    Article discussing research indicating that there is a relationship between ‘social pain’ and physical pain. Written with too many click-bait quotes, it does point out some thought-provoking things. In a landmark experiment in 2003, Eisenberger and her colleagues had test subjects strapped with virtual-reality headsets. Peering through goggles, the participants could see their own hand and a […]

  • Self Help

    There are lots of articles on the web talking about this way and that way to improve your life, home, work, diet, productivity, whatever. Pay attention to how long the author has been doing whatever they are selling. All too often, it is measured in weeks or months. Show me someone who has been using […]

  • Noahpinion: The Shouting Class

    Interesting take on the uglier side of the internet. This seems to be one of the more thoughtful attempts at understanding it. And this in turn got me thinking: All of social media is like that. Not for the first time, I started to worry that social media technology is hurting our popular discourse […]

  • What’s that down there?

    Ever looked out a window while in an airplane and wondered what you were looking at? Yeah, there an app for that. Also works for driving. Unsurprisingly, Loeffler got the idea for the app on a plane. “I realized that most people don’t have my geology background, and that they might be missing out on […]

  • Time Lapse of Stars.

    But the stars don’t move, showing the earth moving instead. Not sure of source but that looks like a National Geographic logo at the top right.

  • Popsicle stick chains are better than dominos

    13,654 Popsicle sticks exploding