• https://saintpaulbybike.com/2023/11/20/the-unique-dome-home-on-morton-street/ Wolfie Browender has another installment of his St. Paul By Bile blog. Always a good read.

  • There was a session at the conference that talked about setting up a Kanban for a writer’s life. As someone who worked in manufacturing for my career, I am familiar with kanbans and had even come across the concept for elsewhere in life. This was a decent session, though, in that it assumed you knew…

  • In Vegas for the 20Books conference. Got a lot out of it last year and the sessions look good again this year. I’ll meet a lot of fellow authors and have my brain explode from all the information. There are more vendors this year for today’s vendor day. One of the more amusing things in…

  • For those interested, this is a cool video about maze-solving “mice” (wheeled robots) and the evolution over time. This problem is still not “solved” and may never be. There is some good descriptions of the various strategies that have been used over the years. The contest has been going on for 50 years and is…

  • The more genres there are, the less useful genre categories become for readers.


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