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Cover of Loosing Wiffles, a book by John Bredesen. Subtitle is Humanity has gone to the stars. And we brought our pets.

Loosing Wiffles is collection of science fiction short stories.

Humanity has reached the stars, terraforming new planets as we go. A virus wiped out our cats and dogs long ago, and we faced going to the stars alone.That wouldn’t do.

With our genetic expertise, we took the genes from the big animals on Earth and created smaller versions. We have elephants, giraffes, hyenas, moose, and others that are now the size of our former beloved cats and dogs. Because one very human truth will never change: People need pets.

Each story tells a tale about humans and pets. No one saves the galaxy. No one cures a wasting disease. Some are eventful, some are slice-of-life, but all will give you a sense that, even though the animals have changed, humanity’s dependence on pets has not.

Step into the world of “Chalk and Memories,” a collection of short stories that explores connections with the people we meet in our life. Individuals whose time in our life may have been fleeting, but whose influence lasts long after their departure. We live in a web of human connections, past and present, where every interaction, no matter how brief, has the possibility of leaving an indelible mark.

“Chalk and Memories” is an exploration of loss, each story a portrait of the impact others have on us. 

These are not tales of sorrow, but of remembrance—a tribute to those we encounter in our lives with long-lasting impacts.

John Bredesen

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