Music Is Magic: This Is Me

There are a number of videos that I have come across that capture magic in music. Now, this isn’t an original thought, nor is my list of music magic the same as anyone else. But I have started a collection of musical moments, most of them live, that get me in the feels each time I watch them.

One of the videos on the list is from a rehearsal of This Is Me, from The Greatest Showman. The intro explains that this was the session where they were trying to get the move approved.

I realize that the singer, Keala Settle, is a Broadway musical profession. Which means she can sing and act. But there is something about this clip that captures the emotion of this song. It is one of the strongest songs in a very strong musical and passion that comes through by everyone in the room gets me every time.

The entire Music Is Magic playlist can be found here.

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