Recommended Blog: St. Paul By Bike

This blog, St. Paul By Bike, gives a nice overview of St. Paul. The author (Wolfie Browender) is riding all over St. Paul on his bicycle and writing about what he finds. Good stuff.

Saint Paul By Bike-Every Block of Every Street

July 2, 2019

Merriam Park, Hamline-Midway, Como Park

Living in the southwestern part of Saint Paul means I almost always have to ride east, north, or both, and so it was with this ride to the Como Park neighborhood.

Chair-ity at 1645 Charles Avenue.
Chair-ity at 1645 Charles Avenue.

From the pause at Charles, I moved almost due north along Fry Street until Taylor Avenue, where I was effectively forced to turn. (Fry dead ends half a block north of Taylor because of the limited access to Pierce Butler Route.) Pedaling one block east on Taylor and I was at Snelling, one of the busiest and least bike-friendly streets in Saint Paul.

Photo courtesy Google Maps
Photo courtesy Google Maps

At this spot there are two options; take the risk of riding north on Snelling a half mile from Taylor over Pierce Butler and two sets of railroad tracks to the off ramp to Como Avenue, all the while…

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