Good for kids, good for adults

The above article is about kids. Have them sample lots of activities and *IF* one of them grabs their interest, then specialize.

Adults and jobs is the same concept. It is ok to bounce around in different jobs. Only if one of them grabs your interest should you focus there.

Don’t worry about a career, think about what you might do next.

2 responses to “Good for kids, good for adults”

  1. J,

    Great blog post!! I may pass this on to some parents and some folks I know who are uncertain about their careers.

    And now one for you to read: just cuz I’m so dang proud!

    Hope you can access that link. It’s Rachel’s blog. She’s like this serene duck paddling across the pond – all chill on the upside, and crazy wild good stuff going on underneath the surface.


  2. John, interesting look at work. I agree that work shouldn’t be a chore. Many of us have gotten locked in to a position because we need to earn enough to pay the bills.

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