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  • Definitely Not

    Definitely Not

    The Pet Shelter. And Children. An almost overwhelming combination. Almost. Written May 2019. Fiction. ~3000 words. I knew I was doomed from the start. The wide pleading eyes looking up at me. The little voice saying, “Please, Daddy?” But I also knew that I had to put up some kind of fight.

  • Travelog: Origin of the Flying W

    Travelog: Origin of the Flying W

    Another travelog entry from our trip to Iowa. Winnebago is a well known name in the motorhome business and has been for years. Several publications have written up histories of the company. There are links at the end of this post to them. But no one has explained the origin of the “Flying W” itself.…

  • Travelog: Dubuque: The Curious Case of the Missing Mustang

    Travelog: Dubuque: The Curious Case of the Missing Mustang

    A crime was committed in Dubuque, Iowa. Not a crime of power. Not a crime of money. Not even a crime of passion. But a crime nonetheless. In 2003, late on a hot summer day, a small ceremony took place at the above location. On the banks of the Mississippi, overlooking the river traffic and…

  • Fiction/short scene: Not A Wise Choice

    Sometimes we don’t realize how wrong we are without some help. A short scene where a manager and employee are talking. They work at a manufacturing company with a strong engineering department. I was playing around with conveying emotion. Not part of a larger piece. ——————————————- She looked at him, her voice firm. “That would…

  • Travelogs: Explanation

    From time to time during my travels, I come across fascinating things that need to be written about. These become my Travelog entries. However, because the internet sometimes doesn’t have a sense of humor, the following caveats apply. Everything I write in my Travelogs is false. I just make it all up. If you see…

  • Fiction: Cesena

    written November 2018 On 26 July 2015, 1000 musicians gathered in Cesena, Italy to perform one song for a band they all loved, The Foo Fighters. The performance can be found on YouTube under the title “Learn to Fly – Foo Fighters Rockin’1000 Official Video”. The speech at the end of this story starts at…

  • Travelog: Washington DC

    Travelog: Washington DC

    The following is a single page version of 7 facebook posts I made as a travelog of a Washington DC trip. Some of the facts may be, um, completely made up unverified.