Various posts from my travels. Note: anything with “Travelog” in the title should, um, be read with a very large grain of salt (a.k.a fiction). All other posts are non-fiction.

  • Travelog: Dubuque: Historic River Bar

    The Mississippi has always been a working river. A huge water highway running north to south carrying freight and people hundreds of miles up and down the river. From the days of canoes to giant steam paddle wheels to today’s behemoth barges and sleek river cruise boats, the river has always been busy. Unfortunately, due…

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  • Beer Can Collecting

    This is a picture from the little history display at the Debuque Star Brewery. It brought back memories. I was a beer can collector in my early teens. It was fun and since I had no clue what beer was like, was the closest I could get. My friends and I would check out the…

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  • Travelogs: Explanation

    From time to time during my travels, I come across fascinating things that need to be written about. These become my Travelog entries. However, because the internet sometimes doesn’t have a sense of humor, the following caveats apply. Everything I write in my Travelogs is false. I just make it all up. If you see…

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  • Travelog: Washington DC

    The following is a single page version of 7 facebook posts I made as a travelog of a Washington DC trip. Some of the facts may be, um, completely made up unverified.

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