Various posts from my travels. Note: anything with “Travelog” in the title should, um, be read with a very large grain of salt (a.k.a fiction). All other posts are non-fiction.

  • Beer Can Collecting

    This is a picture from the little history display at the Debuque Star Brewery. It brought back memories. I was a beer can collector in my early teens. It was fun and since I had no clue what beer was like, was the closest I could get. My friends and I would check out the […]

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  • Travelogs: Explanation

    From time to time during my travels, I come across fascinating things that need to be written about. These become my Travelog entries. However, because the internet sometimes doesn’t have a sense of humor, the following caveats apply. Everything I write in my Travelogs is false. I just make it all up. If you see […]

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  • Travelog: Washington DC

    The following is a single page version of 7 facebook posts I made as a travelog of a Washington DC trip. Some of the facts may be, um, completely made up unverified.

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