Who controls Bagels & Bikes and why do we think that anyone should?

To appreciate why this is impressive, you might start by considering who decides how many retail outlets a city will have for bread and bagels. When your bakery opened in the place where it is now, it just as easily could have been a florist or a shoe store or a bike shop or a liquor store or a hair salon that rented that space. Who makes sure that bakeries have enough locations around the city so that it’s convenient for you to find bread? There is no such person. There is no bakery czar who looks out for bread lovers.

But if there is no bakery czar, then who makes sure that there are enough places to buy bread in a large city, so that no one has to go very far to find bread? Yet somehow, the process seems to work fairly well. You might love fresh baked bread but have no interest in bikes. But there seem to be a decent number of both bakeries and bike shops — the bread lover and the bike rider peacefully co-exist.





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