The dark side of electronic waste recycling – The Verge

Electronics can be hazardous when disposed of improperly, and the Basel Action Network, or BAN, investigates the underground world of the e-waste trade. The nonprofit group secretly embeds trackers in discarded devices, then hands them to recyclers to see where they end up, exposing bad practices in the process. After dropping bugged LCD monitors in Oregon, they followed along as the trackers traced a circuitous route through the summer of 2015 and into the fall.

The dark side of electronic waste recycling – The Verge

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  1. Yeah, I had read this article just a short time ago. Discouraging. I’d like to believe the chicanery going on with other Northwest recyclers isn’t that widespread, but I don’t know that.

    We have a “electronics” recycler here. I was there just a few days ago to get rid of some stuff, and noticed that there was a big dumpster filled with old computer cases. They take anything that uses electricity. I hope they’re doing it well..

    Years ago when ink cartridge refilling was a big thing, I remember reading an article similar in flavor to the one you posted, but with used ink/toner cartridges. Millions (billions?) were ending up in Asia being burned to reclaim the toner left in copy machine cartridges. There were a few photos showing thick clouds of black smoke covering these so-called recycling areas. But it’s a case of follow the money. as is the case with so many illegal/questionable practices.


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