People! Vibrate!

From the always brilliant xkcd:

Folks, unless you have a compelling reason otherwise, set your phone to vibrate. Especially those of you with watches that vibrate when something happens.

One response to “People! Vibrate!”

  1. Part *human nature*, part *electrical engineering*.

    Human Nature: “Fads” tend to cycle. I still have a necktie or two from my father who died in 1960. It’s gone through the natural “wide tie, narrow tie” routine a couple times. I seldom wear a tie anymore, but I’m hanging on to them just in case.

    Electrical Engineering: In electrical circuits, often when there’s some disturbance and electrical values change, there is a phenomenon called overshoot. Parameters go beyond what one would intuitively expect, usually returning to the expected value. Enter “vibrate only”. Star Wars’ ringtones will be back……..

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