Catstrap Installation on a Class A motorhome


The bastards stole the catalytic converter from my motorhome. Parked right next to my house which, unfortunately, is right next to a park so people walk by it frequently. So it is likely that someone (including the original bastards) will think of stealing it again.

After some research, I chose the Catstrap option. There are a bunch of YouTube videos about it. I bought the 12′ length. Probably could have gotten by with the shorter, but am glad I got the longer one. Note: you CANNOT cut the catstrap to length. You must use it in the length you buy it. I also bought the Cateye but didn’t install it today. Gotta figure out the mount and electrical connections.

Customer Service was great as they called me about an issue (mine, not theirs) on the order and fixed it.

Here are some pictures and comments about the installation on a Winnebago Adventurer 30T.

I know nothing will prevent a determined thief from getting the cat if they really want it and will take the time. I went for deterence as it will take a long time to cut through everything.

Hopefully I will never post about this again.

3 responses to “Catstrap Installation on a Class A motorhome”

  1. John, I’m really sorry you’re one of the multitude of folks who’ve had their catalytic converters stolen. I commend your effort to thwart potential future thieves. It’s great to see you doing something productive, too!

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