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I made the decision to become a writer after I retired in 2019. My style is to learn a lot from those that have gone before me. This book has a bit of my writing story and a lot of what I have learned in my writing journey.

This is my third published book, so the hard-earned lessons are not theoretical. Go to the Books tab to seem them all.

Here is the book description:

book cover for Writing Into The Sunset

Many of us dream of writing a book, but life is always in the way. We wondered if the dream could become a reality after life gets simpler. Or, for those of us of a certain age, after retirement.

If you are approaching retirement and thinking that you would like to be a writer, or any other creative endeavor, then this book is for you. Writing in retirement differs from writing earlier in our lives. We have more experience, the maturity of years, and more wrinkles. Retirement brings the gift of more time.

A few years before I retired, I decided to turn the writing dream into reality. So I set out to learn what “writing after retirement” was all about. The craft. The tools. The business. I needed to answer questions like Why am I writing? and How do I start? I wrote this book to organize my thoughts and to help others on the same journey.

Your journey will certainly differ from mine. You will have different answers to the questions. This book will help you create your own journey to becoming a writer when you retire.

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