Writing when Retired: More Experiences

One advantage of getting older is that we are not dead yet. Not being dead means we continue to accumulate experiences. The quantity and variety of these experiences become a resource for our creativity. We have more experiences, and therefore more creative resources, than we did yesterday, last year, or twenty years ago.  

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While our subconscious is a mysterious thing that no one really understands, I believe it acts, in part, as a compost pile for our experiences. 

Compost piles are amazing things that convert old stuff into new stuff. The compost pile most of us are familiar with takes all sorts of kitchen scraps or yard waste and creates very fertile dirt that we can use to grow beautiful and tasty things.

Our subconscious does the same thing with our experiences. Everything we experience goes into our subconscious, our internal compost pile. We don’t know how; we don’t know when, but at some point, interesting things grow.

Becoming a writer in our retirement benefits from all our experiences.

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  1. I like the idea of having an internal compost pile! What a writer you are!

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