Small World: Crex Meadows

A buddy of mine, Wolfie Browender, is bicycling the entire city of St. Paul, writing about it on his blog: St. Paul By Bike. The above link is the latest post. In it, he refers to a Crex company and talked about it’s history.

I recognized the Crex name as Joyce and I visit Crex Meadows on occasion to enjoy the birds. Crex Meadows is a wilderness area up near Grantsburg, WI, so it is on the way to my sister-in-law’s place. Joyce loves taking pictures and sitting by the lake. She took the picture for this post at Crex.

Turns out the Crex are one and the same. As you can see from the below Wikipedia entry, the Crex Carpet that Wolfie write about is the same one that gave Crex Meadows its name.

Small world.

In 1912, the Crex Carpet Company bought 23,000 acres (93 km2) of today’s Crex Meadows. The company produced grass rugs and created carpet camps in the area. The grass rug business was successful until linoleum floor covering was invented and became popular in homes. Thus, in 1933 the Crex Carpet Company went bankrupt, yet the name of “Crex” lives on.





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