Death to Genre Fiction, Long live Genre Fiction

Books seem to be divided up into non-fiction, fiction, and genres. If you look at Amazon, the categories generally fall into that. I wonder how long it will be before “fiction” is turned into multiple genres.

Genres are fracturing, splintering. You can’t just say Science Fiction any more because there are so many types of science fiction. Go to any bookstore and look through the categories.

The challenge comes when readers realize they read from more than one genre. Or they want to read a wider variety. Finding good books is becoming increasingly hard.

Authors struggle because what they want to write can be a combination of genres. Booksellers require authors to specify the genres or categories their book falls into.

The more genre fiction there is, the less “genres” or “categories” are useful for helping readers find books they might like.

How are booksellers going to solve this problem?







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